The mission of Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW) is to help orphaned or abandoned children grow into solid citizens of the world through a sound structure that is simultaneously Interfaith, because there are many paths up the mountain; Interracial, because there is but one race – the human race; International, because our neighbors are our family; Intergenerational, because there is much to learn from our elders; and Internet-Connected, because the world today is at our fingertips.

All children in the care of Orphans International Worldwide must be given the same love and security that each of our team members would give to their own children. This rule, “Mathew’s Rule,” is named after OIWW founder Jim Luce’s adopted son, Mathew. OIWW has set forth Global Standards for international orphan care, covering both full care and family care of orphaned or abandoned children.

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