Movement. When Jim Luce founded Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW) in 1999, he had no idea it would grow into an international movement. A Google search today reveals tens of thousands of mentions of “Orphans International” on the Internet. In 1999 there was none. Like Alcoholics Anonymous, the idea caught fire. Today, there are over 100 “Orphans International” organizations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas – but only one Orphans International Worldwide.

OIWW is the body that maintains the organization’s Global Standards – about 20 pages long – which are posted on-line. This is the only standard for international orphan care readily available to the public. They were approved and amended at OIWW’s biennial World Congresses held in Bali (2004), Aceh (2005), Columbia University (2006), and N.Y.U. Medical School (2008). These Global Standards include OIWW’s non-participation in international adoption.

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