Project Nations

Programs. OIWW supports both the small home-based full care and community center-based family care of orphaned and abandoned children. OIWW stands emphatically against the institutionalization of children in Dicksonian warehouses and prefers family care to full care. OIWW supports “Ending Orphanages Globally” in favor of children remaining with extended families. OIWW pays particular attention to the needs of orphans as they ‘age out’ of the programs it supports.

Locations. OIWW is working to support orphaned children in twelve equatorial countries on three continents. In Africa, OIWW is working to assist orphaned children in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, and Tanzania. In Asia, OIWW is working to help in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Closer to home in the Americas, OIWW is working to support children in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Haiti.