Substance Abuse – Symptoms and Causes

Substance abuse or any other form of addiction or abuse could be easily identified based on the persons’ regular work or school schedule. If you notice different changes in how they do things or when they go to work or school, that may be a sign that tells you something it wrong. When someone is going through substance abuse, they will be unwilling to get things done. This is often referred to as withdrawal from responsibility. Whenever you may bring something up; they will be very quick to cause a temper or even get into an abusive behavior. This basically comes back to the point of a change in attitude.

Those who are going through substance abuse will not think about themselves and their personal appearance. With no reference to how they look; they will not even consider grooming or washing themselves. This is why you see many people walking around in alleyways, simply looking like they just woke up. If you notice that someone is not bothering to take care of themselves; it is a real sign that they have been hit with either drug or substance abuse. Addiction begins with small doses of substance use, but with time, it will become a dependency for the addict.

It may be a gloomy day outside, but this person may be wearing sunglasses. This is not always the case with substance abuse, but it is a common sign that has been seen on numerous occasions. A very good indication that someone might be dealing with heavy substance use is if they are always wearing fully clothed garments. Even when it is a hot summer day, you will notice that this person is wearing full pants with a sweater. Over eighty percent of individuals who do this are said to be dealing with one or more forms of addiction. When money becomes of an issue, they will start to steal from their work place, family and friends.

Pupil dilation is a very good sign that someone is currently under the influence of a drug of some kind. Some people choose to use eye drops to get rid of red eyes or dilated pupils, but it is still a little visible when you take an up close look. Any form of pupil dilation could be considered as the primary cause of substance use. This does not tell you if they are prone to substance abuse, but you do know that they are using drugs. Common symptoms of cocaine and methamphetamine use include dry mouth, ADHD type activity and quite talkative. They will not be able to sit still at one spot and they will not want to eat or sleep.

The main causes for substance abuse are stress, pressure and addiction. Some people begin using substance for the feel, while others take it because they just love the energy they get when they do something wrong. In the end, it all comes down to the same point, where you are faced with numerous health and mental complications. Getting help from a rehab center for your substance abuse is the only way to get cleaned up, especially when you are known to be abusive.

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